Change your life with the NutriGen™ genetic test.

NutriGen™ from Fagron Genomics is an innovative genetic test that allows health care specialists to develop a personalised healthy meal plan.

NutriGen™ analyses 128 genes, resulting in 384 genetic variations. That’s the most relevant variations when personalising a wellness plan, and almost four times as many as some other tests. Reports are stored in a secure online platform, and updates are regularly conducted to ensure that the information is current and valid. Updated reports are available at no charge for as long as you wish to get them. That’s one test, with lifetime updates on demand ensures you remain on top of your game!

The Genetic Report includes a diet plan, comprehensive food list, vitamin and mineral imbalances, sensitivities, possible allergies and an exercise recommendation. It also includes a supplement plan, with dosages based on your individual requirements.

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